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November 4, 2016

DriPHOS One Tank Metal Cleaning

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DriPHOS Metal Treatment

DriPHOS Metal Cleaning – One tank cleaning and surface treatment revolutionises metal finishing.

DriPHOS TLT is a new solvent based, single tank metal cleaning and pre-treatment process developed by EnviroTech Surface Technologies which uses Thin Layer Technology to produce consistent high quality finishes.  Completely different to conventional pre-treatment processes it uses only one tank to clean, pre-treat, rinse and dry components which emerge warm to touch and with a crystalline coating on the surface which improves adhesion and protects metals against in house rusting or corrosion.    DriPHOS metal cleaning can replace current aqueous multi-tank systems reducing energy usage by at least 50%, reducing process times to 5 minute cycles, increasing throughput and uses 60%  less space releasing floor area for more productive work.

This new system will be familiar to users of the vapour degreasing process on which it is based but with the added benefit of surface pre-treatment in one tank. The  footprint of the equipment  will be the same as a vapour degreasing tank processing similar sized components.  DriPHOS TLT uses a proprietary blend of compounds in a stable low boiling point solvent carrier to dissolve the active chemicals which produce the protective crystalline structure on the metal surface.

The DriPHOS TLT metal pre-treatment process cleans surfaces to a very  high  standard   and produces a nano-thickness protective crystalline primer coating which is part of the metal surface. The coatings are extremely flexible with a very large surface area to improve the adhesion of subsequent coatings such as paint or powder coatings which are then more resistant to impact damage or scratches.

DriPHOS Metal Treatment

DriPHOS Crystal Structure magnified x 1000

The Nano thickness DriPHOS TLT crystalline coating does not change dimensions of components but flexes with the metal preventing delamination of coating films when knocked or bent which greatly increases corrosion protection compared to the random amorphous coating of conventional aqueous pre-treatments.

The very large increase in surface area is due to the unique “fish scale” structure of overlapping crystals growing from and an integral part of the metal surface. This produces more keying area priming the metal for subsequent paint, powder and other finishes to improve the adhesion of these coatings which are then more resistant to impact damage or scratches.

The DriPHOS TLT formulation has minimal environmental impact the blend of non- flammable compounds and solvents are short lived in the atmosphere and do not pose a significant potential for global warming or have an adverse effect on the ozone layer or accumulate in soils or water. Operating temperature is only 40C and no drying is required after treatment so energy usage for the whole process is very low, reducing costs and production of CO2.

Simple, sophisticated technology reduces costs while improving quality. Processed components are warm to the touch and instantly available for further fabrication, assembly or finishing. In industries such domestic and office furniture, point of sale and retail displays where small batches of different colours are needed. Stored parts will not rust or corrode for long periods under normal conditions allowing larger more cost effective batches of components to be produced.

Operators use the process safely with equipment designed to  ensure  minimal emissions or exposure to solvent.  The DRiPHOS TLT process is   simple   to   maintain   with ongoing technical support from EnviroTech partners, product specialists Fraser Technologies. Regular testing of the liquids ensures trouble free operations. Operators are trained on site to maintain the bath using the test  kits supplied and most importantly the quality control can be visually monitored instantly by the colour change on the metal surface. Iridescent blue through, gold to red instantly shows the level of crystalline coating which ensures management have complete assurance of process integrity. Price includes sample reports with regular visits by product specialists to guarantee the very highest quality of pre-treatment and final finish on products with safety for people and the environment.

Information or advice on the use of DriPHOS TLT or to arrange validation trials at the new test centre or visits by product specialists appointments can be made by phone or through the website www.metal-treatment.com.

More information DriPHOS TLT is available here..

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