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February 24, 2017

Preventing hydrogen sulphide corrosion in electrical and electronic equipment


A Cost Effective and Proven Corrosion Preventative Solution.

By Larry Clark, EnviroTech Europe Ltd

Electrical and electronic equipment and components that are used in adverse work environments, e.g. the oil and gas industry, waste water treatment plants, and the pulp and paper industry, where corrosive gases such as hydrogen sulphide are found cause severe corrosion and the rapid deterioration of the electronic components and equipment including connectors and switches used in these and other work environments. One economical way to prevent or inhibit corrosion from destroying electronics and electrical components is to use CORR-EX LCP-177, Ultra Thin Film, Water Displacing, Lubricant and Corrosion Inhibiting Compound.

If you or your company aren’t worried about costs then by default you aren’t concerned about corrosion or it’s associated costs in lost productivity and lost revenue caused by plant and equipment down time then this a paper that you should just skip. But if you and your company are concerned about costs including the amount money and man hours to repair or replace components to keep an electrical system or electronics operating, an aircraft flying, or a machine running because of failures caused by corrosion then this paper is for you!

Corrosion, in its many forms, is costing both private and public sector hundreds of billions of Euros a year! While all metals corrode due to a number of different factors there is no simple or single solution to the overall corrosion problem. However there are some very cost effective and proven ways to prevent corrosion and failures caused by corrosion and thereby reducing or eliminating associated costs and increasing safety which should be foremost in the mind set of any Preventative Maintenance Programme manager.

One proven and cost effective solution to the corrosion problem is CORR-EX LCP-177, a water displacing, ultra thin film lubricant with corrosion preventative properties. CORR-EX LCP-177 was designed specifically to lubricate and prevent corrosion in electrical fittings and connectors; electrical and avionic harness assemblies and connectors; electrical and electronic switches; close tolerance and dissimilar metal components; lighting connectors and sockets; and the list goes on and on.

CORR-EX LCP-177 is a unique non-flammable “self healing” ultra thin film lubricant with a proprietary corrosion preventive compound that will not harden or crack. CORR-EX LCP-177 is not a wax or oil based product and is formulated without sulphates, chlorides or halogens.

CORR-EX LCP-177 inhibits corrosion caused by exposure to both fresh and salt water moisture as well as the corrosive vapours from Sulphur dioxide (SO2), Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Ammonia (NH3), and Chlorine (CL12) based gases found in waste water and sewer treatment plants, pulp and paper mills and plants, chemical and petroleum plants, maritime industry, aircraft/airline industry, military equipment including ships, aircraft, and rolling stock, auto industry, farming and agriculture industry, and the list goes on. Extending the working life of electrical components and systems and other critical items by preventing the deterioration and/or failure caused by corrosion can significantly reduce downtime and operating and maintenance costs as well as enhance safety.

The question for you is: What is the cost of NOT using CORR-EX LCP-177 in your Preventative Maintenance Programme?

CORR-EX LCP-177 is available from EnviroTech Europe Ltd and distributors worldwide.

More information about CORR-EX LCP-177 is available here..

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September 26, 2016

CORR-EX LCP-177 Lubricant And Corrosion Inhibitor

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How CORR-EX LCP-177 protective lubricant prevents seizures of automatic handling systems in the harsh conditions of Industrial cleaning systems.

Specialist cleaning equipment manufacturer C&C Hydrosonics a division of U.S giant Crest Ultrasonics have solved a problem with seizures occurring the on x-y axis linear tracks on their automatic handling systems fitted to multi tank cleaning systems both aqueous and solvent based.

The automatic handling systems are programmed to process baskets or jigs through a cleaning cycle transferring between tanks, lowering and raising work from the liquids. The motorised carriages use nylon wheels running on case hardened mild steel tracks (stainless steel is not available) which corrode in the chemical atmospheres in the machine canopies.
The corrosion prevents smooth running with wheels seizing and binding on the tracks. The vibration can cause components to be shaken from jigs or in extreme cases the carriage will stall requiring intervention by service engineers to remove corrosion and re-lubricate tracks with oil. This is a temporary measure as the oil is quickly removed by the solvents and water based cleaning solutions with corrosion recurring in a short time.


CORR-EX LCP-177 from EnviroTech Surface Technologies is an innovative dry lubricant formulation  with protective properties which forms a self-healing film applied from an aerosol. The inorganic lubricant is unaffected by water and acts a barrier against rusting and corrosion. Extensive Trials by C&C Hydrosonics over a six month period with both solvent and water based systems demonstrated that CORR-EX LCP-177 offered a simple solution to the problem with no seizures during the trial period. Previously maintenance every six weeks was needed, now an aerosol spray of CORR-EX LCP-177 is used only during service  visits as a routine lubrication  and applied during production of the handling system.

Lee Casey Managing Director of C&C is delighted with the cost savings on reduced service and maintenance calls using CORR-EX LCP-177 but is even more pleased that the inconvenience to customers has been eliminated. Use of CORR-EX LCP-177  has now been extended worldwide on Crest automated handling systems.

CORR-EX LCP-177 is available from EnviroTech Europe Ltd and distributors worldwide.

More information about CORR-EX LCP-177 is available here..

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