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In Safe Hands

As one of our customers, you are in safe hands

As members of the Chemical Business Association (CBA) we subscribe to Responsible Care.
This is the chemical industry's commitment to continuous improvements in health, safety and environmental performance open and frank communications on these key issues these key issues

Benefits to you of Responsible Care
• Provides you with the reassurance that your company's supply of chemicals is being handled safely and in compliance with all environmental, safety and health legislation.
• Provides further evidence of your company's commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.
• Your company will be supporting improved industry standards throughout the chemical supply chain by purchasing from a Responsible Care supplier

How does it work?
• Our CEO has committed our company to the eight Guiding Principles of Responsible Care.
• We assess ourselves against these Principles on a regular basis
• Every year, we report on our performance to the CBA; this data is aggregated and published as Indices of Performance for chemical distribution.
• Every three years we prepare a rolling Improvement Plan to drive continuous improvements.
• We attend regular workshops on Responsible Care and Emergency Response procedures.

What has Responsible Care achieved?
In the last ten years, the chemical distribution industry Responsible Care statistics show:
• A 75% reduction in road traffic accidents involving chemicals distribution.
• A 25% reduction in accidents to employees.
• Emergency response systems for the unforeseen incident.
• Endorsement of CBA's Responsible Care Programme by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) leading to preferential insurance premiums.
• Developed CBA Codes of Practice and Guidance e.g. Semi-bulk discharge.

Doing business with a Responsible Care company
• Gives you the confidence that we operate to the highest contemporary standards of health, safety and environmental management.
• It ensures that we take a pro-active interest in the way you use and dispose of the products we supply to you - we call this Product Stewardship.
• Means that a major incident affecting products sold to you is less likely.
• Gives you the assurance of knowing that we comply with industry and government voluntary initiatives concerning, for example, the security of chemicals in transit or helping to prevent the production of illicit weapons and drug precursors.
• We have management systems that facilitate prompt replies to customer's questionnaires and despatching Safety Data Sheets in a timely and efficient manner.
• If we do not stock the chemical you require, then we recommend that you contact another CBA member company to retain access to the benefits of the Responsible Care network.

For further information
•  Contact our Responsible Care Co-ordinator - see below.

Our Responsible Care Co-ordinator is: Doug Went CChem MRSC
Tel: +44(0)7786 623 682
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