Aquus Free Sample

Recieve a free sample of Aquus CL-One

  • Envirotech Europe are looking for companies in the following industries who would be willing to put Aquus CL-One to the test.
  • All we ask in return is you share the results with us, no obligation to purchase after. Although we think you will find out the advantages of Aquus CL-One for yourself.
  • We are looking for UK based people in :
    Maritime: General vessel cleaning, Bilge cleaning
    Bulk Storage tanks: Cleaning and removal of oils / sludge
    Railway: Bulk storage containers, Train and carriage washing
    Automotive: Parts washing
    Precision Engineering: Parts washing
    Printing Industry: General machine cleaning
    Laundry: Industrial laundry
    If this is of interest, please fill out the form below.
  • Note: In the even of too many applications we reserve the right to only choose those with what we consider most suitable applications.

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