Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8281 6370

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8281 6370

Applications and Case Studies

EnviroTech Europe has been supplying metal cleaning and surface treatment products for over 30 years​ and we continue to innovate new ideas with technology and legislation.

Below are PDF case studies of known applications for our products, covering in a range of industries.

 In order to view the documents below you will require Acrobat Reader to be installed on your device. 

corrosion protection for aircraft

Corrosion Protection

Protect mechanical and electrical flight controls in surveillance aircraft

general purpose cleaning agent

General Purpose Cleaning

Water based, non-toxic, general purpose industrial cleaning agent

Oxygen Cleaning

Vapour Degreasing

Guide to critical cleaning of oxygen components and services

Corrosion protection for electrical control systems

Corrosion Protection

Corrosion Protection for electrical control systems in Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Aquus CL-One All -Purpose Cleaner

Water Based Cleaning

Concentrated all-purpose cleaner – Cleaning and protection of metal surfaces

vapour degreasing in the aerospace

Vapour Degreasing

Sustainable cleaning solvent for vapour degreasing in the aerospace industries.

industrial solvent cleaners

Solvent Cleaners

General purpose industrial solvent cleaners – Safe for users and the environment.

SuperCORR A improves connector maintenance

Corrosion Protection

Improve connector maintenance on portable gas generators in extreme conditions.

critical cleaning of medical devices

Vapour Degreasing

High performance vapour degreasing solvent for critical cleaning of medical devices.

SuperCORR A protects and lubricates contacts

Corrosion Protection

SuperCORR A protects and lubricates contacts on the ultimate charge / sync cable.


Corrosion Protection

Multitasking lubricant and protection spray solving problems across industry.

critical cleaning of electronics and electrical components

Vapour Degreasing

Critical cleaning of electronics and electrical components.

SuperCORR A dry lubricant spray

Corrosion Protection

SuperCORR A reduces premature drive chain wear with dry lubricant spray.

flushing refrigeration pipeline systems

Vapour Degreasing

Cleaning solvent for flushing refrigeration pipeline systems.

Protect Electrical connector contacts

Corrosion Protection

SuperCORR A maintains performance on electrical connector contacts.

Corrosion control for extreme conditions

Corrosion Protection

SuperCORR A aerosols – Corrosion control for extreme conditions.