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Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8281 6370

Eliminate bad smells

Aquus® CL-One is the ALL purpose concentrated cleaning system based on an innovative formulation of surfactants which also controls odours and will eliminate bad smells at source.

The unique combination of properties exhibited by Aquus CL-One offers excellent emulsion-breaking capability in addition to its unusual combination of properties that makes it so attractive for a wide range of industrial applications including an unusual application which is discussed below in more detail, utilising these properties to control odours and eliminate bad smells at source.


Aquus CL-One eliminates odour problems caused by bacteria and other organisms. No fragrance or other masking agents are used, the odour is very effectively eliminated at source. Conventional masking agents use fragrances or enzymes which act slowly and are less effective and more expensive than the Aquus CL-One alternative which uses a totally different approach to these problems.


Odour control is needed where cleaning is performed in food preparation, processing equipment and containers, sewage treatment plants and in other waste-water facilities.



Aquus CL-One breaks down the organic compounds responsible for the release of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) producing the unpleasant smells associated with some commercial and industrial processes and systems.

Aquus CL-One eliminates the ability for bacteria to produce the odour producing VOCs by disrupting the integrity of the cell walls.  Odour producing microorganisms have cell walls made up of organic materials including lipids (fats). The alkalinity and surface-active ingredients of the Aquus formula breaks down the cell walls of the organism which protect the inner workings. Once compromised the bacteria can no longer absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. This kills the organism which then cannot generate the VOCs which produce the smells.


Aquus CL-One has considerable advantages over the toxic, fragrance or enzyme based alternative odour control products which only mask the smells. Enzyme based formulas need regular maintenance to keep the enzymes active and work slowly. Masking agents are usually ineffective and expensive.

Aquus CL-One eliminates completely the odours and smells associated with these organic materials including bacteria and other organisms simply and effectively.


Aquus CL-One is extremely effective in separating oil, water, and solids in drains, conveyor traps and sumps on automatic honing, turning and grinding machines when using water-based lubricant and cooling liquids.

Emulsions are broken allowing cleaned metal dust, shavings and dirt to precipitate to the bottom, the solution of Aquus CL-One and water retains the active cleaner in the middle layer, oil and grease float to the top. The efficiency of oil/water separators in plant waste treatment systems are significantly increased while the disposal of toxic waste is greatly reduced.


FARMING AND AGRICULTURE Farming and agriculture require reliable water-based cleaners for the innumerable cleaning applications needed particularly where animal husbandry is involved. Scrupulous cleaning of surfaces on rails, floors and walls is essential for the health of the animals. The unique bacterial destruction abilities described earlier is very effective in odour control in many farming applications

Aquus CL-One is the concentrated water activated cleaner which is used at different dilutions to meet the requirements of the many applications and challenges met in farming and agriculture. Aquus CL-One which is completely biodegradable within 30/40 days, is not toxic and not considered a hazard which is particularly important in sensitive environmental sites and situations. Safe for use with any application equipment such as high or low-pressure washers, spray washers or dip tanks it can be used with mops, brooms etc by operators without needing personal protective clothing.

The unique combination of oleophilic and hydrophilic properties encourage sedimentation of solids from liquids in wastewater separation tanks and as the cleaner solution can be recycled and reused until biodegradability reduces its effectiveness it is very economical in use. As an example, in normal use a one litre bottle is mixed with 40 litres of water to activate the cleaning solution which in turn can be recycled many times.


HOSPITALS AND HEALTHCARE Cleaning of soiled and contaminated surfaces in hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities is essential to control bacterial contamination. Aquus CL-One cleaner can be used for all cleaning applications which reduces time and costs by removing the need for multiple cleaning products usually needed to deal with the challenges presented by the wide range of soils, oils, blood, body liquids and other contaminants which need to be removed.

Aquus CL-One is safe for the environment and users, contains no solvents and is biodegradable within 30 days. With only one product for all cleaning applications incorrect selection or dangerous uses can be avoided.

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