Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8281 6370

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8281 6370

Aquus CL-One is THE general-purpose concentrated cleaning system based on a mixture of surfactants, does not include toxic solvents and exhibits a unique combination of characteristics that are not found in other commercially available products.

Aquus CL-One for water based cleaning is biodegradable, non-flammable, non-toxic at used concentrations and, unlike almost all other surfactant systems, is both hydrophilic (water attracting) and oleophobic (oil-repelling).

Aquus CL-One offers excellent emulsion-breaking capability in addition to its unusual combination of properties that makes it so practical for a wide range of industrial applications.

Aquus CL-One concentrated cleaner is formulated to offer one solution for all cleaning applications reduces time and costs by removing the need for multiple cleaning products usually needed to deal with the challenges presented by the wide range of soils, oils and other contaminants which need to be removed.  Safe for the environment and users, contains no solvents and is biodegradable within 30 days. One of the innumerable industry specific applications are discussed below but many more will be experienced in day to day operations. With only one product for all cleaning applications incorrect selection or dangerous uses can be avoided.


Formulated to tackle the numerous cleaning applications required by the manufacturing and engineering industries. Concentrated Aquus chemistry is activated by water, varying concentration levels allows the most economical solution to be chosen for specific applications from parts cleaning to surface preparations for finishing or heavier soiling on process machines all from one product. Some of the hundreds of applications are discussed below.

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Ideally suited for cleaning protective coatings, grease and soils from used or parts during manufacturing processes.  Aquus CL-One can be used in parts washing equipment or dipping tanks without modifications and leaves no residue after drying.

Oil and grease separate from the water and coalesces on the surface of the cleaning solution which can then be skimmed off for recovery and recycling. Precipitated solids free of hydrocarbons can be removed by settlement or in filtration systems. The cleaning solution can be reused continuously within its chemical effectiveness parameters for efficient and economical use.


Aquus CL-One is remarkably efficient removing oils, greases, and accompanying dirt from most surfaces.  It can be applied by wiping surfaces, mopping floors or in rotary floor cleaning machines, or by low or high-pressure spray. Aquus CL-One is also an effective cleaner in industrial kitchens removing grease and baked on deposits on internal surfaces of ovens and trays. For maintenance of machines, engines etc oil and grease is easily removed pre and post assembly making inspection and repair easier, quicker and cheaper by returning equipment to use.


Aquus CL-One is an excellent choice for cleaning mild steel and ferrous metal parts which are not painted immediately. Process oils and grease on the parts protect the surfaces from changes in humidity but once removed flash rusting can occur while drying.  Aquus CL-One prevents this leaving an invisible barrier on the metal surfaces providing extended corrosion protection during storage, fabrication or assembly before finishing. The barrier film can be painted over without additional rinsing and without affecting adhesion of paint or powder coatings.  Any cleaning system can be used hand wiping, dip tanks, or pressure washing.


Aquus CL-One is extremely effective in separating oil, water, and solids in drains and conveyor traps and sumps on automatic honing, turning and grinding machines when using water based lubricant and cooling liquids. The emulsions are broken allowing cleaned metal dust, shavings and dirt to precipitate to the bottom, the solution of Aquus CL-One and water retains the active cleaner in the middle layer, and oil and grease float to the top. The efficiency of oil/water separators in plant waste treatment systems are significantly increased while the amount of toxic waste requiring disposal after treatment is significantly reduced. The cleaning solution can be reused to treat more waste streams until biodegradation occurs and it no longer operates effectively.

We can provide you with a Material Safety Data Sheets, independent laboratory reports, product samples and technical assistance.

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All products are supplied and supported by EnviroTech Europe Ltd. Manufactured in the United Kingdom and available on short delivery times through our dedicated team of distributors worldwide.

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