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Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8281 6370

Corrosion protection spray


Dry lubricant and corrosion protection spray reduces production downtime on industrial automation systems

Improving manufacturing productivity needs increasing numbers of robots, handling and positioning systems and conveyors which in factory environments need both scheduled and emergency maintenance plans to ensure continuous reliability. Failure of any part of the system will result in downtime and seriously disrupt production.

SuperCORR A from EnviroTech Europe is an innovative thin film dry lubricant spray with corrosion protective properties which does not attract dust or dirt, is stable and coats surfaces with an ultra-thin self healing, lubricant film unaffected by water or solvents and resistant to harsh corrosive atmospheres and high temperatures.

A recent case affected some clients of specialist cleaning equipment manufacturer C&C Hydrosonics a division of U.S giant Crest Ultrasonics to solve a problem occurring on x-y axis linear tracks on the Transystem automatic handling system fitted to enclosed multi tank cleaning systems both aqueous and solvent based.

Transystem automatic handling systems are programmable to automatically process baskets or jigs through liquid immersion cleaning cycles, transferring between the tanks, lowering and raising work between the tanks of cleaning liquids. The motorised carriages use nylon wheels running on case hardened mild steel tracks which can corrode during immersion and in the harsh humid atmospheres within the machine canopies.

Corrosion prevents smooth running with wheels seizing and binding on the tracks. Vibration can then cause components to be shaken from jigs or in extreme cases the carriage will stall requiring intervention by maintenance engineers to physically remove surface corrosion and re-lubricate tracks with oil. This is only a temporary measure as the oil is quickly removed by the solvents or water-based cleaning solutions with corrosion reoccurring in a short time.

Extensive trials over a six-month period with both water and solvent based systems demonstrated that SuperCORR A offered a simple solution to the problem with no corrosion of tracks or seizures during the trial period. Previously seizures needing attention occurred every few weeks now an aerosol spray of SuperCORR A is used only during normal service visits and is used as the routine lubricant during manufacture of the handling system.

Lee Casey, Managing Director of C&C Hydrosonics is delighted with the cost savings on reduced service and maintenance calls using SuperCORR A and that the inconvenience for users of the Transystem equipment has been eliminated. Use of SuperCORR A is recommended on all Crest handling systems worldwide.

Reduce maintenance costs and protect automation equipment with SuperCORR A, now available from EnviroTech Europe Ltd and distributors worldwide.

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