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Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8281 6370

precision parts cleaning

EnSolv® CC-A vapour degreasing solvent for precision parts cleaning

The EnSolv® CC-A formulation for precision parts cleaning responds to the need for high performance vapour degreasing solvents for critical cleaning in general engineering, aerospace, medical optical and electrical industries.

EnSolv® CC-A removes cutting oils, lubricants, lapping compounds grinding pastes and water based cutting oils or fluids. This complex synergistic blend utilises environmentally compliant solvents combined with selected surfactants to remove oils and lubricants to the highest standards for critical cleaning applications and releases and suspends inorganic solids and soils such as fingerprints, polishing compounds and grinding paste from finely finished and highly polished surfaces such as stainless steel and plated parts, optical lenses and components for medical appliances.


Suitable for processing temperature sensitive components as well as the conventional engineering substrates. The very low surface tension cleans through holes on castings and penetrates between overlapping metal spot welds eliminating oil leaching in paint and powder coatings during oven curing.
Easy handling – Cleaned components are dry and comfortable to handle immediately at the ideal temperature for painting or powder coating. No time lost waiting for parts to cool which allows immediate quality control testing or assembly of machined parts due to minimal dimensional changes.

Cleaning cycles reduced, productivity improved with output doubled compared to conventional solvents.
Minimises flash rusting on mild steel cleaned components due to the advanced stabiliser/inhibitor package compared to alternative formulations.

Compatible with mixed metal components. No staining of yellow metals, bronze, copper, aluminium.
Reduced maintenance – unique additive suspends contaminants in boiling solvent sump preventing tar formation and continuously cleans heating surfaces. Longer periods between cleanouts reduces labour costs and solvent losses.

Talk to us about whether EnSolv® CC-A  is the best choice for your application. Advice, literature, changeover instructions are all available to make the change quickly, easily and at no extra cost of usage.

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