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SuperCORR A Keeps Flight MH370 search planes flying

SuperCORR A lubricant keeps Flight MH370 search planes flying SuperCORR A the lubricant and anti-corrosion formulation from the CORR-EX division of EnviroTech Surface Technologies is helping in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 passenger jet....

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The new USB Charge / Sync Cable from Lifedge

SuperCORR A protects and lubricates contacts on the new Charge / Sync Cable from Lifedge SuperCORR A lubricant and protective coating widely used by the military, electronics and aerospace industries for critical applications is used to protect contacts on the new...

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CORR-EX VCI Corrosion Control Packaging

YOUR SHIELD AGAINST RUST AND CORROSION Introducing CORR-EX VCI corrosion protective packaging for storage of cleaned machined parts, using volatile corrosion inhibitors to prevent in-storage corrosion. Our packaging is manufactured from polythene or PPE film...

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Oxygen Cleaning

Cleaning For Oxygen Service Whitepaper White Paper By Phil Dale (Co-contributor Handbook for Critical Cleaning - Liquid Displacement Drying Techniques). Cleaning for oxygen service is best defined as the removal of combustible contaminants from the surface of any...

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New study disputes TLV for nPB

A detailed comprehensive review of 1-bromopropane studies confirm current recommendations by EnviroTech for occupational exposure levels for safe usage of EnSolv® as a vapour degreasing solvent. view/ download this document in Adobe Acrobat Format Update on a safe...

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ACGIH Threshold For N-Propyl Bromide Solvents

What You Should Know About The ACGIH’s Threshold For nPB Solvents If you work with industrial chemicals, materials or solvents then you may have heard of the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH). The ACGIH is a scientific, but...

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Clarea solvent cleaners

New Degreasing Solvents Product Website Launched. Clarea industrial solvent cleaners are used in many industries to remove dirt, oil, grease, or other contaminants from surfaces without causing harm or leaving residue. They are used as parts washers in manufacturing...

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